RITOLOGY - Body Shaper Gua Sha

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RITOLOGY - Body Shaper Gua Sha

Lift. Sculpt. Shape.

Made of medical grade stainless steel, our Body Shaper Gua Sha stimulates cells to produce more collagen improving skin's health and radiance. Every edge carefully crafted to contour every area of your face, neck, and body. A non negotiable in your daily ritual. What’s more to love? Being medical grade stainless steel our Body Shaper is made to last offering the most hygienic solution being ultra easy to clean. Comes complete with our Ritology pure Linen travel pouch.


Besides improving skin's overall health and glow, our Body Shaper assists in:

-improving blood circulation.

-​stimulating collagen production.

-reducing puffiness and inflammation.

-relieving tension & pain

-firming and lift the skin over time.

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