Women’s Health - Ríza™

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Women’s Health - Ríza™
Women’s Health - Ríza™
Women’s Health - Ríza™
Women’s Health - Ríza™
  • Eases PMS and menstrual symptoms (abdominal spasm, bloating, pain, breast tenderness and headaches)
  • Balances moodiness and insomnia
  • Relieves mild symptoms of menopause (hot flashes, insomnia and anxiety)

Ríza™ was created to soothe a variety of common symptoms related to the natural rhythms of women’s hormones. With nerve-calming, muscle-relaxing and hormone-regulating herbs, Ríza™ is an ideal natural treatment for symptoms of PMS, menstruation and menopausal discomforts.



Skullcap Leaf, Scutellaria lateriflora
Crampbark, Viburnum opulus
Angelica Root (Dang Gui), Angelicae sinensis
Elderberry (Jie Gu Mu), Sambucus nigra
Chasteberry (Man Jing Zi), Vitex agnus castus
White Peony Root (Bai Shao), Paeoniae alba
White Atractylodes Rhizome (Bai Zhu), Atractylodes macrocdephala
Thorowax Root (Chai Hu), Bupleurum
Field Mint (Bo He), Herba menthae haplocalycis
Valerian Root (Xie Cao), Valeriana officinalis
Red Peony Root (Chi Shao), Paeoniae rubra

Zoi Medicinals™ tinctures are alcohol and vegetable glycerin extracts of non-toxic herbs. Zoi Medicinals™ formulas contain 10-18% alcohol. Alcohol has been used as a solvent in herbal tinctures for centuries. It extracts active ingredients from the herbs that are not water-soluble, such as essential oils, alkaloids and resins. It enables the tincture to be fast-acting, potent, shelf-stable for long periods of time, and enables their "grab and go” properties (easily portable, ready to take, no refrigeration required). Zoi Medicinals tinctures use organic ethyl alcohol that is USP certified. It is the same alcohol found in vanilla extract (used for cooking), other tinctures, and liquid homeopathic remedies. The dose is very small and can be diluted into water or other drink making the final alcohol content less than 0.5%, which is similar or less than, the amount of alcohol in a cup of kombucha. All herbs used in the manufacturing of Zoi Medicinals™ products have been tested for heavy metals, bacteria, fungus, and pesticides.

Directions and Dosage

  • For PMS, take standard dose during symptoms & standard dose daily for prevention
  • For menstrual symptoms, take standard dose during symptoms.
  • For menstrual cramps, take standard dose, 1-2 days prior to onset of pain continuing until pain subsides.
  • For menopausal symptoms, take standard dose daily.
  • With consistent monthly symptoms, take 1 dropper full (1.5 ml), three times a day; use standard dose with increase in symptoms.


Liquid tinctures are rapidly absorbed by the body and may be taken directly by mouth or in a small amount of water or juice. If alcohol content is a concern, a standard dose (1.5 ml) in one cup of water dilutes the alcohol content to less than 0.5%.

The standard, adult dose is three droppers full (1.5 ml) three times a day, or as directed by your health care professional. A dropper full is drawn by full compression of the dropper bulb (the dropper may not appear “full”).

  • Standard adult dose (100-150 lb) – 3 droppers full (1.5 ml), three times a day.
  • Standard adult dose (>150 lb) – 4 droppers full (2.0 ml), three times a day.
  • Standard child dose (30-100 lb) – 1 dropper full (0.5 ml), three times a day.

For some, it may take several weeks to notice an effect. Consistency is more important than dose, so we encourage you to take some tincture each day even if you can’t keep to a regular schedule. As your body responds to the tincture, you may decrease the dose, accordingly.


  • Warning! Dang Gui (Angelica Root) is contraindicated with the pharmaceutical medication, Warfarin.
  • Discontinue use if menstrual blood flow increases; take standard or lower dosing between menses.
  • Take tinctures with food, as the most common side effect is minor stomach upset.
  • Consult a medical professional if pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Not to exceed five droppers full at a time.
  • Discontinue use if any new symptoms appear, including symptoms of allergic reaction.
  • Every body is different, and herbs alter internal processes, so it is important to find the best dosage for you at any given time, while staying within the recommended range.

Biomedical & TCM Details

Ríza™ is largely comprised of herbs with a rich history in treating women’s health. Today, modern science is validating many of the actions traditionally ascribed to these herbs. Animal and other studies indicate that chasteberry, skullcap, valerian and angelica have hormone-regulating properties (2), which may explain benefits for PMS, menstrual and menopausal symptoms...


Power Pairs

Riza™ + The Zoi™ for PMS, menstrual, or menopausal symptoms +longevity and disease prevention
Riza™ + Fos™ for PMS, menstrual, or menopausal symptoms + fatigue
Riza™ + Kyma™ for PMS, menstrual, or menopausal symptoms + insomnia
Riza™ + Xylo™ for PMS, menstrual, or menopausal symptoms + mood imbalance
Riza™ + Edafos™ for PMS, menstrual, or menopausal symptoms + digestive symptoms
Riza™ and Nero™ for PMS, menstrual, or menopausal symptoms + symptoms of dryness or dehydration