About Us

Zoi Medicinals™ is the collective effort of three central Texas women: Noa Lynne Sutherland, L.Ac., Tiffany J. Smith, L.Ac. (Traditional Chinese Medical Practitioners & Herbalists) and Abigayle Peka-Stansberry (Manufacturing Director). Zoi Medicinals was born from Zoi Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine, located on Main Street in Buda, Texas, just south of Austin. With a collective 12 years of clinical experience, the team has spent the last 3 years perfecting a set of formulas for the most common concerns of the myriad of people seen in the clinic each day. Following this intense labor of love, the launch of the first line of Zoi Medicinals™ products, the Moderns, is truly something to be celebrated! We are honored and quite humbled to be a part of the healing tradition and excited to offer the fruits of our efforts to you.

A Note from

Noa Lynne Sutherland L.Ac.

My journey into Traditional Chinese Medicine, health and wellness was quite unexpected. I was a borderline “privileged nomad”, a singer with a band in Austin, with an unexplainable interest in the health of others. I always wanted to be a “helper” but I had been very sick and confused about how to help myself with an illness beginning in my early 20s. After 25 years with no diagnosis, thousands upon thousands of dollars spent on my health to no avail, and being home-bound for a month at age 25; my friend David introduced me to acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. After experiencing the benefits of this unique, ancient practice, I decided to study Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and become a practitioner myself. Since that time, I have achieved almost complete recovery. TCM, grace, and curiosity has led me into a lifestyle of vibrant wellness that I never thought was possible. I have learned to use the tools that nature offers us, combined with the knowledge of the ancients and modern science, to reverse my own pattern of illness and to help others do the same.

Nearing graduation from Texas Health & Science University (THSU) in south Austin, I set my mind to open a private practice that would provide my patients the experience I had longed for when I was ill. I opened the doors of Zoi Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine with the hope that it would be a relaxing sanctuary for every person who stepped through the door with the ultimate goal of helping our patients achieve a total life change from illness to vibrant wellness. Since opening in July 2015, Zoi Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine has developed into a comprehensive clinical space offering acupuncture and related therapies, more than 130 individually tinctured herbs for customized formulas, high quality vitamin and mineral supplements, and a program of lab testing used to guide our treatment strategies. A speciality of our practice is the hours spent researching each patient’s case. We are devoted to investigation and problem solving, driven by the joy of exploration and the desire to ease our patient’s suffering.

I started the clinic with a vague vision of what it has become today. Enter Tiffany Smith, L.Ac. and Abigayle Peka-Stansberry…

I first met Abigayle Peka-Stansberry in 2012 when we worked together at a downtown Austin restaurant. I was in medical school and she was only 19—needless to say, I thought we had little in common at the time. Reintroduced in 2016 by a mutual friend, and I thought, I have never met a more solid, more competent woman in my life. At this time, she had a newborn son and was cleaning houses. I asked her if she might want a job. She looked me right in the eye and said “I’m not going to clean your clinic for you!”. When I let her know that I wanted her help in our herbal tincture dispensary and reception I’ll never forget the way she said “Oh, what? Yea!” Since the day she started, our collection of medicinal tinctures has grown exponentially. She has single-handedly organized the Zoi Medicinals™ structure and prepared all the Moderns inventory. She has exceeded all expectations and has been critical to the launch of the company!

Tiffany Smith, L.Ac. was one of my biomedical professors and taught many of my classes at THSU. I was a bit intimidated by how cool and collected she was. I have come to find her down-to-earth demeanor, curiosity and hunger for knowledge, expertise, and healing process to be incredibly unique. Working with her is one of the biggest WINS of my life. I couldn’t have hoped for a better partnership. She joined the practice in late 2016 and soon realized she wanted to be a permanent part of the team. We quickly established that our skill sets produced an uncommon synergy and together we could accomplish much more than either of us could do alone. We set our focus on developing a patient-care culture of our dreams. With Tiffany’s drive for excellence and past experience in the biotech industry, she sophisticated the herbal tincture dispensary to a beautiful standard, wrote Standard Operating Procedures, Batch Records, biomedical analyses and TCM descriptions for our products. She is a great asset to the clinic, and the launch of Zoi Medicinals™ and the Moderns would not have happened for many years if not for her efforts.

As a team of devoted healers, we are ready to share with the world the results of our labors, Zoi Medicinals™ Moderns tinctures. As clinical practitioners, we desire to partner with those seeking holistic wellness, healing and hope! With our clinical knowledge, devotion to research, and empathetic listening, we guide changes resulting in high quality and vibrant lives, Zoi Medicinals™ and Zoi Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine are extensions of the passion and vibrance we strive for in our own lives. Welcome to our family and thank you for your interest in our products and our practice!