ROAM Homegrown Clay Facial Mask

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ROAM Homegrown Clay Facial Mask

Our single ingredient French green clay is sourced from the region of Montmorillon, France. This soft clay is a product of volcanic ash with a powerhouse of minerals including copper, magnesium, calcium, silica and phosphorous. Our mask smooths on gently over your skin, firming as it dries and wiping clean to reveal your beautiful glowing skin.

 Makes 5-10 facials

As the seasons change, so do our skin's needs. We make it easy to customize your mask with natural remedies that calm, soothe and restore.

French Clay Facial variations: 

  • Mix the mask with water for a clean, simple and gentle exfoliation.
  • Go deeper with a mixture of half water, half apple cider vinegar for advanced exfoliation.
  • Feeling parched? Mix with milk and or honey for a moisturizing and nourishing facial.
  • Sensitive? Try mixing with rosewater for a gentle facial.
  • As with any skincare product, spot test these variations before use. 

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