Proud Mary Coffee Mind Blown

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Proud Mary Coffee Mind Blown
In 2010, Nelsyn Hernandez, a Honduran agronomic engineer and banana farmer by trade, moved to Costa Rica to revive a farm that had been abandoned for years. The farm was affectionately named Tres Milagros (Three Miracles) by Nelsyn because it would need nothing short of a miracle to save it. Using his experience in agronomy, Nelsyn started to improve the farm's quality and production, using strategic fertilization, soil management techniques, and replacing old coffee trees with newer, more productive varieties.

In 2013, Nelsyn met Camilo Merizalde, the director of the Santuario Project and a decorated coffee producer in his native Colombia. With Nelsyn's agronomic background and Camilo's experience in post-harvest management, Tres Milagros has gone from strength to strength. Together, they’ve implemented several experimental processing techniques with fantastic results. This coffee has been anaerobically fermented with mossto (juice from crushed coffee cherries) for 72 hours before being dried on raised beds for 18 days and then finished in Guardiolas (mechanical driers) to ensure even drying. This process delivers a wild coffee with lots of tropical fruit.

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