Pit Liquor Deodorant whiskey Pineapple (100ml)

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Pit Liquor Deodorant whiskey Pineapple (100ml)

This deodorant will turn heads and spread happiness like a contagion among all you walk by. For all you Piña Colada or Pineapple Upside Down fans this is for you! Whiskey forms the base of this deodorant lending an oaky undertone and pineapple sweetens the deal with a fresh splash of beachy goodness. Most "natural" deodorant companies aren't actually natural. We decided to do things differently, refreshing the way natural deodorant should be with revolutionary, stink-fighting formulas. Pit Liquor offers Natural, aluminum-free protection for sensitive skin encased in Eco-friendly glass packaging. 

100ml spray bottle (lasts 4-5 months) 50ml spray bottle (lasts 2-3 months) 50ml roller bottle (lasts 2-3 months) INGREDIENTS: Vodka & Whiskey, Arrowroot, Himalayan Sea Salt, Organic Tea Extracts (Greek Mountain Tea, Sea Buckthorn, Umckaloabo, Small Leaf Kuding Tea, Elderflower, Gotu Kola), and Essential Oils. Our products are vegan and free of toxins, aluminum, parabens.