Market Botany Propagation Drops

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Market Botany Propagation Drops

Propagation is an effecient way to grow your collection. But sometimes, waiting for new roots can feel like it takes forever!  We have the solution for you.

Adding Prop Drops to your propagation medium will stimulate root growth and encourage healthy new growth - Faster! 

Prop Drops is a blend of rooting hormone, natural root stimulators, and natural fertilizers. Proven to shorten the propagation process. Works with various propagation mediums including: Water, Moss, Perlite and LECA. 

Prop Drops also work great as a general plant wellness supplement. Just add Prop Drops to your water before watering your houseplants to boost healthy growth and to assist in new leaf production and proper unfurling. 

We're ROOTING for you!

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