Bobo’s Toaster Pastry Strawberry

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Bobo’s Toaster Pastry Strawberry

Bobo's wholesome Strawberry Jam Toaster Pastries are a breakfast creation so sweet and chewy; you'll start serving breakfast for dinner seven nights a week. Warm it in the toaster for fresh baked softness or take it on the road. Any way you slice it, this strawberry toaster pastry is a mouthwatering fruit-filled treat and whole grain experience.      

This fruity, heart-warming creation was born of both love and necessity. The love of homemade breakfast, and the need to enjoy that breakfast anytime, anywhere. We tried a lot of recipes before we perfected our strawberry jam toaster pastry, and we're pleased to announce we've baked a healthy, delicious breakfast that's available any time of day. Yes, 3pm is fully acceptable.