ROAM Homegrown Body Oil - Vanilla Orange

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ROAM Homegrown Body Oil - Vanilla Orange

Our body oil nourishes with rich camellia seed, powerful jojoba and fast absorbing sunflower oil for a naturally radiant glow while hints of sweet orange and warm vanilla uplift and energize.


Why swap out your lotion for body oil? 


When your skin is exposed to heat, your pores expand, absorbing topically. By swapping out water-based lotions with emulsifiers and toxic chemicals with our nourishing body oil, you are giving your skin the nutrients it needs to thrive.


Key ingredients & benefits:

  • Jojoba oil: An extremely powerful antioxidant, its properties are known for their ability to fight oxidative stress and promote collagen production.
  • Sunflower oil: A fast absorbing oil that doesn’t clog pores and is great for all skin types.
  • Camellia seed oil: Rich is palmitic and omega-6 fatty acids, camellia seed oil is said to improve skin texture and appearance.
  • Vanilla & Sweet orange essential oils: Uplifting vanilla-orange offers a creamy citrus scent.